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The hundreds of benefits of listening to a laughter yoga speaker

Laughter is a proven stress buster and it clears negativity and clears away anxiety and depression. It improves attitude, develops personality and confidence, connects people and fosters happiness. Physically, laughter of any form reduces pain, aids digestion, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure, improves circulation and is anti-aging in hundreds of ways. This is the route to attain a healthy mind, body, and soul. Other advantages of listening to a laughter yoga speaker include overcoming health disorders in a natural way, feeling pure joy and pleasure despite difficult situations, and improving inter-personal relationships with one’s friends and colleagues. 

All of the above is easy once the body is induced to laugh, and this is a skill that a laughter yoga speaker gently induces his attendees into. Laughter yoga is the best natural form of medication to cure all sorts of physical and psychological disorders. The laughter speaker elaborates on the healing powers of laughter by substantiating his points with valid scientific evidence and real life anecdotes.

The laughter yoga speaker talks about the various chemicals released by the brain in the course of laughter:

Endorphins – the most powerful natural painkiller known to man are elevated
Oxytocin - the happiness hormone in the human body is enhanced
Cortisol - the stress hormone is vastly reduced.
cytokine– a white blood cell enhancer which builds antibodies and helps prevent illnesses,  is secreted and finally
endothelium - the inner lining of blood vessels dilates, increasing blood flow and thereby reduce the chances of heart attack.

The laughter yoga speaker touches on the physical medical benefits of laughter, but also the emotional benefits. He shows easy ways to practice daily laughter to enjoy good physical, mental and emotional health. He demonstrates and teaches easy exercises through breathing to enter a state of light-heartedness, overcome shyness and inhibitions, and enjoy hearty laughter with all the attendant benefits.

For those who wish to enjoy the several therapeutic benefits of the laughter yoga, there is no better speaker than Vishwa Prakash, who has trained directly under the pioneer Dr. Kataria and has been nominated as the Laughter Ambassador  to the U.S.A. He is a renowned laughter yoga speaker, laughter therapist and laughteryoga coach. He conducts informal workshops in New York, USA once in a week and has trained hundreds to become certified laughter leaders.

For more details about this laughter yoga speaker, please visit www.vishwaprakash.com   

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