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  About Vishwa Prakash    

Laughter Therapist & Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author

  Vishwa Prakash  

Vishwa Prakash  is a textile designer by profession and runs an international design firm with branch offices in HongKong, China, India and U.S.A.

In the year 2000 he underwent direct one-on-one coaching from the famous Dr. Kataria, pioneer of the laughteryoga movement. Since then Vishwa has opened up several laughter clubs in many Asian countries, held training workshops and as a master trainer trained hundreds of laughter leaders in Asia and U.S.A. Glowing remarks on Vishwa’s abilities can be seen on  http://laughteryoga.org/english/instructor/profile_page/175 

Vishwa is a popular keynote speaker and speaks on a wide range of wellness topics as detailed on speaker topics. He holds the coveted Laughter Ambassador award by Laughter International, and is one of the very few renowned Master Trainers in the world.  He has recently authored a spiritual book titled Who Stole my Soul? which has been praised by dozens of critics, per the link www.whostolemysoul.com .

Vishwa actively promotes laughteryoga both in India and U.S.A.. He has been extensively covered in the news media, notably the NEW YORK TIMES,  TIME magazine, FORBES and the HUFFINGTON POST, plus dozens of TV channels.  Vishwa has strong testimonials vouching for his enthusiasm, energy and ability . For details click Media and Video Clippings.

Vishwa is a philanthropist and generously donates large and ever increasing sums of his income to worthy causes, as detailed on www.icreatevishwas.org , where his reach into philanthropy is listed.

For his work in rehabilitation and entrepreneurship training of the underprivileged he has received the Lifetime Achievement Award  from I Create Inc. of U.S.A. Vishwa is passionate about the causes of  social upliftment and wellness training, and has financially sponsored dozens of programs and research studies.

The yogalaff workshop is held on a free of charge basis in both India and U.S.A. and has welcomed over 10,000 visitors over the years.
Vishwa is keen to spread the message of laughteryoga and where it can lead to in terms of developing the human spirit, so that stressed and trapped people can once again reclaim their happier lives full of love and spirituality - a life of meaning geared towards self- realisation. For this he runs the associated www.thehappyway.com which culminates the effort of laughter into longterm happiness. 

An all-round profile of Vishwa is available on www.vishwaprakash.com
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