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Who Stole my Soul? is an artful, spiritual book authored by Vishwa. It is a beautiful written in the self help, mind body spirit genre and is the author's fantastical, semi-autobiographical journey on finding his lost soul.

If souls live in our hearts and minds, then can they be kidnapped and held captive? When Vishwa feels a mysterious force sweep away his soul, he embarks on a spiritual quest and appeals to an unusual being for help - the devil, who is not quite what Vishwa expected.
Vishwa is an accomplished mind body writer, and his dialogue with the devil takes him deep within himself, in search of answers to the questions that haunt all of us: Who am I? What is my soul? Who or What is God?

The devil surprises Vishwa with his unorthodox yet fresh viewpoint, which intrigues one moment and enlightens the next.

Who Stole my Soul? is picturesque and full of hidden meanings. Peppered with inspirational soul and spiritualism quotes from around the world, the book provides a fascinating interpretation of the purpose of the human soul and the meaning of life itself, and may just inspire the reader to make a spiritual quest of his own.

Who Stole my Soul? is visually stunning and makes the perfect gift. As a self help book, it has won accolades and awards from leading authors and speakers in the genre of human soul spirituality and self-help and is a joy to keep as a constant source or wisdom. For glowing reviews from book critics click here and a compilation of awards is listed in the link literary awards.

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