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Discovering your own spirituality one laugh at a time
 Laughter therapist, author & speaker explores meaning of life

Vishwa Prakash (bio attached) captivates his audience in an unconventional manner. In just a few minutes, he has his participants rollicking with deep, powerful belly laughter! No jokes, no clowning, no alcohol and no tickling. The raw and powerful energy be brings to the assembly has their eyes twinkling, their faces flushed with joy, and the pores of their creativity wide open to eagerly participate in the workshop. In contrast to humdrum, monologous speakers droning on in front of yawning onlookers, Vishwa’s workshops are interactive, joyful events to cherish and provide profound knowledge and wisdom to the audience. 

Vishwa has touched thousands of hearts and souls as a laughter therapist, an activity through which he instantly connects to his audience, to which he amplifies upon the various physical, mental and emotional health benefits of laughter and mindful living.   He highlights the mind/body connection and discusses the new field of psychoneuroimmunology which studies the evidence of how emotions affect health. Vishwa suggests that happiness and fulfillment in life comes from heeding your emotions and listening to your inner conscience, rather than blindly following a religion. This is the route to discover the meaning of life, as he suggests in his new book, Who Stole my Soul? A Dialogue with the Devil on the Meaning of Life (978-0-9823140-5-0, Synergy Books).  This is a witty dialogue, inspiring readers to reach their higher selves through discovering their own life purpose, where the meaning of  life is really finding meaning in life, an ability each person is born with.

As an inspiring champion of free thought and a moving and eloquent speaker, Vishwa’s discourses and workshops promote knowledge and healing, and are a guide to practical spirituality. Subtly and ably, Vishwa helps his participants to connect to their inner selves, in order to discover and actualize the true meaning of their lives. In Vishwa’s words, this   awakens your “soular energy,” an almost superhuman force founded on your compassion and creativity.

In a workshop or speaking engagement, Vishwa Prakash talks on the following topics:

  • The physical, mental and emotional benefits of laughter therapy
  • Love, laugh and live to be a hundred. A prescription for  seniors
  • Seniors – old age is dessert -  the best comes last
  • Exploring the mind/body/spirit connection
  • Laugh off your ills – using emotional energy for healing
  • Coping with pain, disability and despair
  • Emotional origins of stress and practical coping solutions
  • Can you change your luck and your circumstances?
  • Unleashing  your creative energy
  • At ease with your sexuality
  • Learn to listen: How following your inner voice can lead to a positive future
  • The devil inside: Coming to terms with your worse half
  • Discovering your inner life purpose and meaning
  • Practical steps to spirituality and the Higher Self
  • Laugh out loud: How to practice therapeutic laughter to fuel your happiness


Vishwa  encourages his audience to query, comment and actively participate in his workshops, and the interactive experience ensures rapt attention and lasting value for the assembly.

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