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1. Mental and physical stress vastly reduced

2.  Reduces and manages pain

3.  Aids digestion

4.  Improves sleep

5.  Lowers Blood pressure

6.  Improves circulation

7.  Burns lots of calories

8.  Increases lung capacity

9.   Boosts the immune system

10. Beats depression

11. Enhances creativity and peak performance

12. Clears negativity and develops confidence and personality

13.  Improves attitude and connects people to foster greater harmony and happiness.

14.  Is anti-ageing

Therapeutic laughter exercises:

  • are not simply physical exercises, but  connect the mind, body and spirit to promote overall healing
  • are adaptable to all levels and limitations of cognitive sensory and motor ability
  • are not humor dependent and suitable for those with mental illnesses.
  • are not demanding and threatening, but inviting and welcome, conducted in a socially supportive group setting.
  • transcend linguistic, cultural and religious barriers easily.
  • are not passive-receptive, but adaptable to all levels of capacity for 
  •       interaction and inter-mingling.
  • provides a better quality of sleep, reducing dependence on tranquilizers.
  • promotes healthy attitudes, and replaces anger and frustration with peace and harmony. 
  • raises spirits immediately and make people feel intimate, wanted and connected.
  • provides familiarity, social support for much needed mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Is suitable for all staff and participant

                    " We don't laugh because we're happy  
                              - we're happy because we laugh. " 
                                - William James, psychologist

Scientific Research proves that Laughter Therapy:

  • instantly lowers stress and depression through lowering the stress hormones epinephrine & cortisol in the body.
  • triggers the release of the happiness hormone oxytocin which releases anxiety, heightens confidence and calmness.
  • fills the brain with endorphins, the most powerful natural painkiller which helps in coping with arthritis, spondylitis, migraine, muscular spasms and all aches & pains.
  • stimulates the use of the "feel good" chemical dopamine, putting laughter into the pleasurable and welcome category.
  • raises the immunoglobulin antibodies, to strengthen the immune system in the body   and protect it from allergies and infections.
  • Laughter is clinically labeled as eustress, reversing the physical and mental symptoms of its direct opposite: distress.

Proven physical health benefits of laughter:

  • increases the levels of cytokine in the blood- a white blood cell enhancer which prevents illnesses.
  • causes the tissue of blood vessels - endothelium - to expand and increase blood flow, exactly what aerobic exercise does.
  • increases lung capacity by as much as 30 percent, stimulating oxygen intake and helps to heal respiratory problems.
  • Aids digestion, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure, burns upto 400 calories per hour and is anti-ageing.
  • Laughter is a form of stationary jogging, equivalent to vigorous aerobic exercise with the difference that  it is fun and joy!
  • complete mind/body/soul workout and promotes long-term physical fitness individually and collectively.

Proven mental/emotional benefits of Group Laughter Therapy:

  • clears stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • improves mood, attitude and self-esteem
  • develops personality & confidence
  • helps build tolerance and a sense of humor
  • replaces negativity with hope and optimism
  • improves communication & creativity
  • cures loneliness, builds caring-sharing relationships
  • connects people and creates communities
  • fosters love, peace, joy and  happiness

                   "He who laughs, lasts!”
                               - Mary Pettibone Poole

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