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Vishwa gives large and ever-increasing percentages of his income to charitable causes:

With direct financial donations to causes of disaster relief, investigative journalism, free medical treatment for the needy and funding for individual and social wellness. A shining example of this is the direct sponsorship of a new research on laughteryoga at a prestigious research facility in India.

Through the active vehicle of the Vishwas Trust, a not-for-profit charitable trust that Vishwa has founded in India to provide quality entrepreneurship training to the needy. This trust has for years provided a free mid-day meal to over 500 underpriveged children in two of the poorest schools in Karnataka, India

As the direct financial sponsor of ICVK (I Create Vishwas Karnataka), an ambitious state-wide program to provide entrepreneurship training of the award-winning NFTE (National Foundation of Teaching Entrepreneurship) of U.S.A. This entails the provision and maintenance of a permanent training facility in the heart of Bangalore, outreach to suburban and rural training programs and ongoing support for entrepreneurship to existing NGO's. The objective is to provide a high quality of effective training to create job creators rather than job seekers. ICVK is managed with an experienced full-time director and other supporting office plus field staff to reach remote, backward and poor areas of society. More details on www.icreatevishwas.org

Through wellness training on a free-of-charge basis to walk-in visitors to his New York laughter workshop, and off premises to elderly, disadvantaged and needy groups such as prisons and special needs schools.

Through active fundraising and charity drives and help to altruistic donor friends to support the community. As an example, Vishwa has provided logistic and formulation support on a complimentary basis for the conceptualisation and construction of a computer center at Pahamune, Srilanka. This is designed to offer free of charge computer training to tsunami-ravaged and other disadvantaged children in the district.

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