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“This book will delight the reader and put him on the path to achieve lasting self-esteem and happiness.”
Gary Quinn, internationally published best selling self-help author, co-star along with Deepak Chopra and Jim Carrey in the documentary film The Invocation.

“A good sequel to The Secret, this book holds the powerful message of how positivity trumps negativity. Artfully written, presented, and studded with many relevant quotations.”
Dr. Jeffrey Brantley, M.D., founder of the Stress Reduction   Program at Duke University's Center for Integrative Medicine, and author of Calming your Anxious Mind.

“This thought-provoking, insightful book will give you the tools you need to live a more purpose-filled life.”
Brian Tracy, author of Maximum Achievement, Psychology of Achievement and more.

Who Stole my Soul is beautifully written, very engaging and enlightening. It’s a gem!”
Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., internationally renowned author of several New York Times bestsellers including Mother-Daughter Wisdom, Women’s Wisdom and many more titles.

“This is not a book to read and forget, but one to keep on your bedside as a constant source of wisdom”
Lee Carroll, author and creator of the Kryon positive messages which are read in over a million books in 24 languages, and also presented at the United Nations.

Who Stole my Soul touches and calls forth your soul in a unique way. Vishwa Prakash’s conversational style makes his message about discovering creativity and finding purpose and meaning in life easy to grasp”
Alan Seale, award-winning author of Soul Mission, Life Vision and The Manifestation Wheel.

“Vishwa’s work is eminently readable, inspiring and beautifully presented. His views on soul empowerment are thought provoking and fresh for a world where his book can surely do a lot of good.”
Sandra Ingerman, licensed psychotherapist and author of Soul Retrieval, How to Heal Toxic Thoughts and several other titles.

“This book warms the heart and holds an enlightening view on the purpose of life. I admire the author’s first effort and his witty writing style.”
Rosemary Gladstar, internationally acclaimed herbalist and author of Herbs for Natural Beauty, Herbs for the Home Medicine Chest and other books.

Who Stole my Soul is a beautifully crafted work: innovative, entertaining and filled with gems sure to enhance the inner experience of those who read it.”
Rick Carson, author of Taming your Gremlin and several other books which have been widely translated into several languages.

“Vishwa is a master of expression. Witty, racy and full of meaning. This book is a simple way to get the powerful message of Live, Love, Laugh and its essence stays with you forever.”
Ronna Herman, internationally lauded author and spiritual messenger, whose messages of hope and inspiration are read by millions around the world.

“This book is full of golden nuggets which add glow to the reader’s heart. It radiates positive energy from every page.”
Jacquelin Rhinehart, author of My Organic Soul published by Random House.

“A very unusual book, picturesque and full of hidden meanings. Well presented, beautifully bound and filled with timeless gorgeous inserts….”
Gillian McBeth - editor of the Quantum Awakening newsletter is a metaphysical  teacher and speaker who writes regularly for leading spiritual magazines in all the continents of the world.

“Right from the start this book is thoroughly engaging. It has a personality – slightly whimsical, funny and warm. The dialogue has a buoyancy that creates just enough dramatic tension to keep the pages turning…”
Melody Lawrence, Editor, New York City.

“Here is a book that holds a mirror to your inner soul, and brings it to where you can touch it, feel it and polish it.”
Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones is the author of The Art of Being and a  spiritual mentor and keynote speaker with an international following.

“This inspiring book provides a wonderful and perhaps unconventional dialogue that opens our heart, as well as our mind, to the love that is always present.”
Harold W. Becker is an author of several spiritual books on unconditional love and the founder of The Love Foundation, a non-profit organization that fosters love through education, research and charity. 

“This book is visually stunning and a delight to read. The author uses the ingenious literary device of a conversation with the devil about his soul being stolen, to unfold a captivating account of spiritual awakening. I love this book and whole-heatedly recommend it!”
Diane Brandon is a well-known radio host, spiritual counselor/teacher and author of  Invisible Blueprints: Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment in Life.

“A thought  provoking view of the human aspect of spirituality and an enlightening sequel to The Secret. This is a book you will keep and refer to many times on your journey to understanding your own soul’s journey.”
Jennifer Hoffman is a well-known psychic counselor and Author of 30 Days to Everyday Miracles.

"Written with a tongue-in-cheek, funny style,.....There is so much more here to enjoy and to stop in order to truly meditate on what shouldn't be glossed over! Numerous quotes from writers of all cultural persuasions are spread throughout the text, making one realize that much research has gone into this work which offers a goldmine in its flip but potent style...Nicely done, Vishwa Prakash!"
Viviane Crystal, Crystal Reviews, a member of Reviewers International

"... one cannot argue that this book is presented well. It has a beautiful cover and pictures inside to help instill faith in all of us...A great book to read and enjoy..."
Jessica Roberts, Bookpleasures.com

"The questions about God, His need to create an anti-God, journey of souls through various lifetimes, significance of religion in life, true meaning of our lives - all these and more are answered beautifully through the writer's own experiences....A unique way of presentation....Many self-help books fall in an easy trap of long lists of "to do" and "not to do" things. It feels good while reading them but scarcely do they become a part of the thought process. 'Who Stole my Soul?' very neatly refuses to take this bait...the unique way of presentation makes the process of self discovery with more lasting impressions on the mind."
Vibha Sharma, Literary Sojourn

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