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The VISHWAS TRUST was established as a nonprofit charitable institution in Bangalore, India in 2005 to offer financial and logistical assistance on a non-religious, non-political and non-racial basis. It is a commitment of time, money and effort with the following specific objectives:

Empowerment of those wishing to improve their lot in life through education and training through scholarships and stipends, allowances and loans to students and other deserving and needy first-time entrepreneurs.

Empowerment through rehabilitation of (a) persons with missing limbs or medical abnormalities (b) criminals, addicts and other social outcasts. Such empowerment includes direct prosthetic treament, skills and entrepreneurship training to enable such persons to regain their self-respect through the commercial practice of a trade or profession.

To especially focus on those girl and women folk who have been neglected and ostracised by society and have nowhere to turn to in times of dire need. This is the category of abused girl
children rejected by their parents, discarded girls with unwanted pregnancies or abused wives/widows who have been driven out of their homes. The Trust grants priority to this specific group of persons in preference to the overall, where possible and applicable, and since inception over 1,900 women entrepreneurs have been created as a result of the motivational training.

To subsidise, canvass and actively promote investigative journalism and to provide a channel to voice complaints against the heavy-handedness of officialdom and publicise scandals. The objective is to promote a higher standard of morality, honesty and public service through development of a social conscience, and encourage individuals and organisations who expose such injustice.

A subsidiary aim of empowerment is through "wellness training" which includes preventive health care,counselling and the establishment and maintenance of informal clubs/meetings for wellness training. The purpose is to promote a higher level of physical and mental health and help people to achieve their potential and enhance their well-being.

The Vishwas Trust is domiciled in India , has its own permanent training center and a full-time Director under whom all the above activities are managed. It receives ever-increasing financial contributions from Vishwa Prakash as a part of his commitment per his tithe.

Further details on www.icreatevishwas.org

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